Provisions For Restoration: Helping Hands September Project

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Provisions For Restoration: Helping Hands September Project

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Restore Corp is a Tennessee-based, interdenominational, Gospel-centered team, that exists to eradicate human trafficking by empowering survivors, equipping communities, and seeking justice through systemic change.  Their vision is to see a slave-free community through the rehabilitation and empowerment of survivors and a community galvanized against human trafficking.

Traffickers approach young girls (and sometimes young boys) in places such as gas stations, malls, parks, etc.  They offer to buy them food and clothes in order to hook them by gaining trust and fostering dependence.  The victims are enslaved and forced into sex labor for the financial gain of the traffickers.  The children are frequently subject to various forms of physical and emotional abuse, including being chained, starved, and tortured into submission.  

Girls as young as 9 years old have been found being trafficked in the Memphis area.  Most are younger than 17.  The horror that these young victims endure is unimaginable.  

Restore Corps have a safe house in the Memphis area to accommodate and care for persons who have escaped or been liberated from trafficking. Some victims have been wearing very skimpy and uncomfortable clothing for a long time, and their bodies have not been cared for.

Helping Hands is sponsoring Restore Corps for the month of September by donating 25 supply bags to be given to these victims.  These victims need a new life filled with the love of God, as shown to us by Jesus. Please help us help them! We humbly ask for your help to fill the bags by donating the following items:

  • Toiletries
  • Razors    
  • Socks    
  • Moisturizer/body lotion    
  • Lipsticks    
  • Nail polish    
  • Combs & brushes     
  • T-shirts  
  • Stretchy pants  
  • Flip flops (Dollar store)
  • Light blankets  
  • Small Bibles

Boxes will be in the hallways every Sunday through September. In addition to your gifts we invite you to pray for the victims, their liberators and their traffickers, that there will be freedom, justice and restoration.

(Find out more about Restore Corps and Human Trafficking at The TN Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-855-55-TNHTH)

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