Faith begins a new partnership with “The Y”

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If you’ve been present at church during the last four weeks or if you’ve been reading newsletters and emails, then you are well aware that Faith is having a tough year so far.  Financially speaking, we’ve fallen a little behind where we need to be so that we can be an active and visible presence of Christ’s love in Bartlett and in Shelby County.  However, instead of focusing on the difficulties we are facing, I want to share with you about some of the new opportunities we have before us, ways that our congregation is continuing to reach out to our community despite the difficulties.

This summer, after the schools of Bartlett and Shelby county close their doors for the season, our doors will open to a partnership with the Cordova Family YMCA to host a summer camp program.  Each morning, YMCA staff will arrive early at our church and prepare for a day with the 50-60 children who will stay for the day at Faith Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The theme for this summer is that they will be “SuperHeros in training”.  The kids will be involved in a physical and educational activities that revolve around a different Superhero theme each week. Additionally, this program will take the children to 10 different Memphis landmarks on field trips including CMOM, The Pink Palace, The Fire Museum, Theater Memphis, Sun Studio, and many others.  Within the different themes, the children will be involved in the visual arts, music, ecology, theater, physical fitness, space, and a celebration of our local heroes: Memphis and Shelby County Fire and Police officers.

As one of a handful of remote sites that the YMCA will be operating this summer, we are providing an additional and rare opportunity for the Y to host preschoolers, as well as elementary aged children.  As many of you know our main church building was designed so that our children’s Sunday School classrooms could host a preschool during the week, a design and a vision that has unfortunately not yet been realized until this summer. As one of the few locations with this capacity, we are excited that many of the children entering our facility this summer will be in the 3-5 year old range.

It seems that each year, our church is faced with a new opportunity to reach out and provide for our local community in a new way.  We care and provide for children, for the homeless, for young basketball teams, for homeschoolers, for aspiring dancers, and who knows where we will be in another 10 years?  In my understanding, being a church is more about what we can do for others than what we can provide for ourselves and I am thrilled to be involved with a congregation that serves so passionately and so consistently.  

When the members of our stewardship team stand before our congregation and share with you the financial difficulties we face, it’s not just to provide a roof over our heads while we worship, or to provide a place for us to have our own celebrations.  They are asking each of us to give so that we can, as a congregation, serve with excellence. Let us continue to strive to be a visible and available presence of God’s love for our community.  Thank you so much for your continued generosity and service.

Pastor Steven


Dates: May 31—August 5 (10 weeks)
Days: Monday—Friday
Time: 6:30am-6:00pm

Jr. Superheroes Camp
Preschool:  3 years – 5 years (must be potty trained)

Location: Main Building.

Superhero Camp
Rising Kindergarten – 12  years

Location: Brown Center.

Faith CPC regular programming (such as Helping Hands or Small Group, Dance Clases) will continue in our buildings as per usual, and our VBS team will be working with the YMCA regarding arrangements for this.

Children of Faith CPC are welcome to attend the camp. There will be a parent meeting at Faith CPC on Tuesday May 17th, 6:30-7:30pm and you can find out more on the YMCA website:

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